Disclosure Policy

Roland DG discloses information that could affect investment decisions, including information on decisions made, factual events, and accounting matters in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rule defined by the Tokyo Securities Exchange as well as relevant laws including the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.


To ensure that we respond to the demands of our shareholders and investors, we make every effort to provide information on a broad range of topics in ways that are easy to understand and to disclose information that may not be subject to the Timely Disclosure Rule.

Method of disclosure

Important information that is subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter referred to as "TSE") is first reported, and then registered on TSE's timely disclosure information communication system (TDnet) in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules. Once registered, the same information is provided to the press, and published on our web site in an expeditious manner. Please refer to this information in conjunction with the information on TDnet.


As for information that is not subject to TSE's Timely Disclosure Rules, we make every effort to communicate this information in a fair and timely manner to all investors through the press and on our web site.

Forward-looking information

The purpose of this web site is to provide information that will enable readers to assess Roland DG, and is not intended to be a venue to solicit the purchase or sale of Roland DG shares.


All statements on this web site that are not based on historical fact, including performance forecasts, plans, and strategies, constitute forward-looking statements regarding future performance. These statements were prepared by Roland DG management using information available at the time and based on certain assumptions, and as such, are subject to risk and uncertainties. As actual performance may differ widely from these forecasts, we ask that you do not base your investment decisions solely on these performance forecasts.


The web site may not carry all the information disclosed by Roland DG, or may include expressions that are different from other disclosed information to facilitate comprehension among a wide range of investors. Please also note that information published on the site may not reflect the latest information available at the time.

Quiet Periods

In order to prevent the leakage of information that may affect share prices during the period after the annual, semi-annual, and quarterly accountings when disclosure material is being prepared, we designate periods of approximately 1 month prior to the announcement of the results of these accountings as "quiet periods," during which we will not be able to respond to comments and questions regarding the accounting in question. If, however, information emerges during this "quiet period" that must be disclosed according to our "Disclosure Policy," this information will be disclosed as quickly as possible in accordance with our "Methods of Disclosure." As for information already published in the past, our services will be available to respond to comments and questions.