Midterm Business Plan (FY2021 to FY2023)

The Roland DG group is engaged in a three-year medium-term business plan (FY2021 – FY2023) based on the core strategies of transforming the company into a lean organization and transforming the business portfolio. In the first year of the plan, fiscal year 2021, we have mainly been working on structural reforms, and have made great strides towards the transformation into a lean business organization. In terms of business, we have been able to respond to the changing needs of the market caused by the impact of COVID-19. As a result, as we were able to achieve our consolidated operating profit target set for fiscal year 2023, the final year of the medium-term business plan, two-years ahead of schedule, we have redefined our consolidated performance targets. Accordingly, as there are expected growth markets within existing businesses and new areas with growth potential, we have, with the aim of proactively allocating management resources into these areas, revised our strategic categories to Visual Communication, Digital Fabrication, Dental, and Service, Software & Others. By categorizing based on business area rather than by product, we will be able to visualize trends in each area while also gaining a clearer picture of what the company's growth areas and stablemainstay areas are. Further, we will create new categories to be used for disclosure of sales.

Midterm business plan vision

Return to the true Roland DG of “Creativity, BEST, Cooperative enthusiasm”


Evolve into a lean organization and build the next mountain of business

Midterm business plan vision

Midterm plan core strategy

Midterm plan core strategy

Lean organization

We will undertake structural reforms to strengthen our competitiveness and respond flexibly to changes in the business environment. At the headquarter, we have implemented an early retirement program to optimize headcount in March 2021 and undertake structural reforms such as reducing costs and integrating our production locations globally. With these efforts, we will aim to reduce fixed costs by approximately 2 billion yen. We will also undertake a thorough review of internal processes to balance efficiency improvement in operations and quality, and solidify the foundations for business growth.

Reduce 2B fixed cost globally through cost control and production location integration

1. Production: Location Integration

  • Shift mass production to Thailand
  • Tun Japan into a mother factory
  • Shift supply chain function to Thailand

2. HQ: Optimize headcount, manage cost

  • Implement early retirement program
  • Continuous cost management

3. Sales subsidiaries: Regional reorganization, manage cost

  • Implement reorganization and optimization by region
  • Manage cost by leveraging remote/online methods

Financial Strategy and Financial Target

In addition to maximizing profitability, we will enhance our ability to generate cash by improving the Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)* through inventory reductions and other means. We will allocate that cash to growth areas and generate “+α” (extra) growth through investments including M&As.


*CCC: Indicator of efficiency of fund operations, expressed as the number of days from purchase until the recovery of cash f)rom sales.




(Final year target)


(Revised Final year target)

Sales (billion yen)




Operating profit (billion yen)




Operating profit ratio












CCC (Days)




Yearly Average Currency Exchange



¥100 (est.)

¥113 (est.)



¥125 (est.)

¥128 (est.)

Business Portfolio Transition(Updated in February 2022)

Visual Communivation(VC)
Due to the diversification of printable materials and inks, inkjet printers are becoming more widely used to create atmospheres for a variety of scenes to attract customers, such as for indoor and outdoor decoration as well as for store interiors. Roland DG defines such visual appeal to consumers as “visual communication.” VC comprises our traditional eco-solvent printers (VC-Solvent) and other printers (VC-Other) and our aim in this area is to develop new markets and bolster, maintain, and expand our customer base by offering an increased variety of inks and expanding the range of solutions we offer.



  • Maintain #1 position in solvent printers
  • Gain share in other ink types and emerging markets
  • Diversify ink to develop new application/market in the future

Digital Fabrication(DF)

A field in which we can bring to life the concept behind our company's products: “Wide Variety with Low Volumes, Small and Compact, On-Demand, Simple Operation, and High Quality.” For DF, our goal is to create new markets and applications by proposing to small businesses, online vendors, and retailers the product Rolcategories that can meet the demand for personalization geared towards specific customer needs that are rapidly expanding in recent years as well as for customization for meeting specific niche applications.



  • Roll out channel and marketing strategy globally dedicated to this new customer segment
  • Expand product line through partnership and Co-Creation work

Dental milling machines, which were previously included in “3D products,” will be classified as an independent product category. Since the launch of the first model in 2010, we have promoted the market expansion of dental milling machines mainly in developed countries, such as European countries, the U.S. and Japan. In recent years, sales opportunities are also expanding in emerging market countries where the digitalization of workflows in the production of dental prostheses has been progressing. Furthermore, as we expect more expansion into the dental clinic market as well as wider application in dentures and implant bases, we intend to develop this business into a pillar of our businesses going forward as a field with high growth potential.



  • Maintain position in advanced country (labs)
  • Strengthen channel emerging markets/li>
  • Add growth by entering dental clinics and new applications (denture implants etc)

Service, Software & Others

We aim to establish the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business by offering software-based connected services and related services in addition to the provision of service parts and maintenance services.



  • Reduce customer downtime and improve profitability
  • Increase end-customer engagement through Roland DG Connect
  • Plant seeds to build new opportunity in Software (SaaS)

Products by New Category

Products by New Category

Growth Areas portion will increase(=Business portfolio transition)

Growth Areas portion will increase(=Business portfolio transition)

Dividend Policy

Shareholder return is a key managerial focus for the Company. We aim to provide stable dividends to our shareholders taking into account the cash needs for investment to drive sustainable growth as well as the risk, financial performance and stability.

Specifically, while also accounting for future business needs, we will set 30% payout ratio to consolidated net income and 2% dividend on equity (DOE) as our metrics and pay the higher of the two amounts in order to provide stable dividends to our shareholders.